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 Beautify Oakland Chinatown

Beautify Oakland Chinatown is an Oakland Chinatonwn Chamber of Commerce project to promote the beautification and cleanliness of Oakland Chinatown.

Each year, Chamber organizes the Beautify Oakland events in conjunction with local youth groups where a group of volunteers sweep the streets of Oakland Chinatown.

In addition, the Beautify Oakland Chinatown committee monitors merchants, City Sanitation Department and Oakland Scavenger to ensure that rubbish is contained and collected on a regular basis and that the sidewalk remains relatively clean.

The Chamber will also periodically arrange for the city of Oakland to steam clean the streets of Oakland Chinatown when the need arises.

To encourage the merchants and business owners' continued commitment to keeping Oakland Chinatown clean, the Beautify Oakland Committee awards and recongnizes merchants that have been judged by the Chamber as having the cleanest and neatest premises in their respective categories. You can recognize the winners by walking into their place of businesss and finding the Chamber's "Beautify Oakland Chinatown Everyday" plaque on display.

The winners this year are:

Restaurant: Chef Lau's

Retail (Food): New Dick's Supermarket

Financial Institution: Metropolitan Bank

Retail (Non-Food): Oakland Florist